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Success story on Toria variety TS-36  
In Sivasagar district cultivation of oilseed and pulse crop is limited because of soil pH and high clay content. Generally the areas in the river banks are used for cultivation of oilseed and pulse crop. But due to commercialization of agriculture these areas are converted to high remunerative vegetable crops. Hence, the area covered under pulse and oilseed is very less. During a training programme the KVK Scientists interacted with some farmers of Tribeni Krishak Sangha, Gopalpur, Sivasagar. Later on, 3 members of the Sangha visited the KVK, Sivasagar and approached us to cultivate a plot of approximately 10 ha of fallow land covered by Ipomea weeds.After thorough discussion, we promised to provide the inputs for 4 ha of Toria crop and at the same time they were advised to remove all the Ipomea weed from the land. As planned, the Ipomea weeds were uprooted manually and cleaned a plot of land of about 9 ha.
The most trouble faced by the farmers during the cultivation was the land preparation. It was very difficult to make fine tilth suitable for toria as the clay content was more in the soil. Finally they did it. We advised them to sow the local toria variety at first because the variety TS-36, we provided can also be sown lately. The sowing was started from 13th Nov, 09 ended on 29th November, 09. The delay was due to the land preparation. Finally, they covered 8.26ha of land. The growth of the varieties was satisfactory for both the crops, TS-36 and the local. The average yield obtained was 14.9 qt/ha in comparison to 8.89 qt/ha in local variety. The financial benefits could not be projected at this moment as the produce is yet to disposed off. The performance of the variety TS-36 was so impressive that now the Sangha is prepared for cultivating 26 ha of land coverage. Further some women SHGs of the village, Gopalpur also trying to add value to their product by producing very popular Mustard oil “Poka Mitha Tel”. This process of oil extraction is going on. The laborious nature of the farmer in the village impressed us and as a result we have adopted the village.
Success story on Animal Husbandry  
The Dairy farmers of Sunderpukhuri village near Nazira formed Sunderpukhuri Cooperative Society in August 2004 with 9 shareholders initially @ Rs 110/  share. The number increased to 246 in the subsequent years. The Society has promoted milk production by way of advisory services, input and credit arrangement. The society is functioning as Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) mode. The KVK Sivasagar helped the society by providing technology to the producers on cattle management, quality maintenance, fodder production and animal nutrition since inception of the society.
Recently, the members of the society approach the KVK for social problem arising out of cow rearing. There was bad smell of cow dung in the village atmosphere. And they seek advice for efficient use of cow dung. After analyzing thoroughly we advised them to set up vermicompost unit for conversion of cow dung to vermicompost.
Impressed by the idea several farmers shown interest to set up vermicompost unit as raw material for  vermicompost is available in large quantities. The KVK, Sivasagar is also going to set up one vermicompost unit as Front line demonstration in a model dairy demonstration farm being setup by Phenhujali, a SHG in Sundarpukhuri which will convert the unmanageable cowshed refuse to vermicompost a source of income generation fro the SHG.